Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sugarplum Faerie Bookmarks

Well, two down....countless more to go :)

I decided that I needed little gifts that were light (for mailing) and useful at the same time. I have found patterns for both the Sugarplum Faerie and the Nutcracker Prince.

I have completed two bookmarks so far of my Sugarplum Faerie. Each one will be unique in my choices of floss. I am quite happy with the pattern so that I will not be altering.

These have been so far quick and easy to do. Usually only taking two sittings of a couple of hours. Taking into account that I now have osteoarthritis in both hands and I can do about a one inch square in about two hours.

I have backed them using the same aida cloth and then just used a zig zag stitch on my sewing machine to attach the two sides together.

I found my 'free' pattern at You can join at no charge and you get 20 free points for joining. Each pattern has its own point system this pattern cost me 10 of my free points :)

The pattern unfortunately does not post who created it, so I cannot give them credit for their creation. But the pattern is called "Fairies all round" and it consist of 4 faeries, one each for the seasons. My winter faerie is shown in blue so I changed my flosses to match the sugarplum theme.

My bookmarks are measuring approximately 3"x5" in size.