Saturday, October 13, 2012

Carol & Donnetta's Faerie Seed Pod Babies

Last weekend the nursery was visited by Carol and Donnetta. They were served warmed apple juice spiced with cinnamon sticks, given fuzzy slippers to wear and fresh chocolate chip cookies.

Their original intent, I do believe, was to just come on by and see the nursery. But thankfully they stayed for more :)

Here are the little seed pod babies they made.....

Carol was busy making her faeries for her girlfriends Mollie, Valerie, Dianne, Carol and Andrea. She made one for herself too :)

This little cutie was made by Donnetta (mind you she did help Carol out her batch...and might I add, she sure got the wire wrapping down pat!!)

Thank you ladies for dropping by, I had a wonderful visit with you both.