Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Book Review: Fairy Friends by Claire Freedman

Book Review ...

Fairy Friends

Author: Claire Freedman
Illustrator: Gail Yerrill

Published in 2007 by Little Tiger Press London
ISBN 10: 1845064666     13: 9781845064662

"Find a poem for YOUR best friend in this beautiful book about the friendships that fairies share."

This is a storybook about the importance of friendships whether you are a wee faerie or not. Drawn within patchwork borders, each page looks magical and enchanting as Ms. Yerrill has done an excellent job of sketching the cute expressive faces on the faeries as they each seem to be smiling right back at you. Told within the setting of pretty flower garden, Ms. Freedman tells a tale through a series of poems about the love that can be found when sharing with others. Throughout the book the faeries show you how to enjoy the fun days of summer including garden parties, finding fairy dust at the end of a rainbow and the hiding of tiny treasures.  

You can find this book at your library or you can purchase it through your local bookstore or online through both Amazon.ca and Amazon.uk. Ms. Freedman is a successful children's picture book author who resides in Essex, be sure to check out her acclaimed Aliens Love Underpants series too.

When picking out a new book for the Nursery's library, I guess I must be like any other faerie for as I look for the graphics, the colours and of course the uniqueness of a book and in this case who couldn't resist a cover that has purple and silver stars along with sparkly pink faerie dust floating in a bubble. I highly recommend this book to both children and adults as each verse told by Ms. Freedman brings with it a feeling of euphoria when explaining and depicting the beauty of friends and your friendships with them.