Sunday, March 11, 2012

Time for Expansion

Over the past few days the workshop has taken on some major transformations. The workshop has a new table, shelving units, a full wall and 7 hanging rods. It has been a lot of work with a lot of sorting out of little bags that I seems to have stuffed into every nook and cranny. Thankfully there is lots of hanging room and most of these 'lost' treasures are now out in the open and ready to be used.

I have placed another order for flower petals of the 'jewel' tone hues. They seem to be my favourite lately and it is fun playing with such an abundance of rainbow colours.

The new business cards, return address labels and stickers came in, along with the 4x4x4 corrugated cardboard shipping boxes (to keep the wee faeries safe while traveling).

The website is coming along wonderfully. My developer has worked in conjunction with my banner designer to come up with a superb looking site. There will be a Google map that will show all of the new homes my faeries travel to. The Flickr site is now up and running and each faerie has been named and has a little write up about her as well. The website will have two Flickr galleries attached to it.

I am hoping that my writer will have a draft ready by the end of the week detailing the story of the company. I am so excited and I can't wait to see it in print.

The Esty page is ready to have faeries added it to. I have worked out all of the shipping details and prices. I hope to have the site ready to open this week.

I have been updated Facebook (which automatically Tweets) little snippets of what I have been up to. This blog will be the space that completes the picture with all sites linking one another.

I am hoping to have my web designer update this blog as well with the new colour scheme, banner and logos :)

E-mail address:
Facebook: enchanted pathways (Fort Smith)
Etsy: enchanted pathways by Emmanuelle Nixon

I have 18 new little faeries that are waiting so patiently to have magic faerie dust sprinkled on them so they can be adopted into new homes. This is when the creativity and fun begins.