Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cybr Trayd

I love this title. My final package of the day (yes it was a parcel day for sure)....came from a company called Cybr Trayd (ebay).

This package contained 3 of the 4 soap molds and some sparkly powders for our soap.

I am not sure exactly what happened to the 4th tray but an inquiry has been sent in.

But these are the ones I received today...

The Honey Bee (for Christmas 2012)

The Partridge in a Pear Tree .... the Pear

And for the Sugarplum Faerie...there are actually 4 designs on this mold tray (hard to take a picture of clear plastic)

The mold that is missing is for the Nutcracker Prince. I will keep you posted on its status. 

The final part of this parcel is the sparkly stuff :)

It is called Shimmering Lustre to give soap a festive shine! I thought that it would be a nice touch for the Faeries and who knows....just might go crazy and use it for all of them! I purchased the gold and pearl colours. 

Sugarplum Faerie Pendant

Well folks...she is almost complete. I have being shipped to me now longer nail pins to complete her....but I do believe everything else is ready to go!

Of all of my far....(well besides the Petal Faeries)...this is my favourite. I can't wait to assemble these and see how they really turn out.

I received the pearl beads from bluemiste82 (ebay). I can't believe how quick they got here too!

Flower Power

Petals from Heaven :)

The little Petal Faeries that I am making require lots of different sizes of petals. At first I didn't know whether I should just buy silk flowers and take them apart or if I should just buy packages of petals. In the end I did a little of both (thank you to my Mom for buying flowers and taking the time to take them all apart to mail up to me).

This package of goodies came from Blissful Moments (ebay). What a wonderful selection of colour I have now :)

This row has green/yellow daisies and red daisies....

This row has purple/white daisies and cream daisies......

This row has bright yellow prima and my all time favourite the orange/yellow prima petals (this style seem to come in a variety of sizes too!)

Stringing Me Along

Next package of the day.....the yarn to finish off my little Partridges and their nests :)

As I am no where near a Zeller's where I purchased the yarn for the last sets of Partridges I made last year....I found this beautiful yarn from Mary at brokemary's (ebay). She has the most wonderful selection of yarn I have ever seen! This yarn is very cool, it has about 4 different textures and a mixture of wonderful colours.

This next yarn is for the nests. I will mix it in with the remaining yarn that I had left over from last years project. This yarn is actually quite vibrant in colour tones and has more pink in than you can see in the picture below.

Sparkly Little Flowers

These have got to the be the prettiest little sequins I have EVER seen.

At first I was afraid that they might be too large to use as decoration on the little Petal Faeries but actually holding them in my hand.....they will work PERFECTLY!!

I ordered these from Craftaroo (ebay)....if you are looking for any scrapbooking supplies...this is the place to shop from :)

I decided to take two individual pictures as their are two different kinds of sequins.

This first picture shows all of the opaque; baby pink (which to me, looks more peach than pink!); white; hot pink; purple; baby blue and yellow

This next pictures shows the shiny ones :)  They are all titled rainbow; pale pink and pale yellow

Aren't they just adorable!! And to think...they only came as a set of 6000! Yes, you read that correctly.....6000!

I will try my best not to use up all the rainbow ones will be tough though :)