Wednesday, June 24, 2020

It's International Faerie Day - June 24, 2020

It's International Faerie Day!

Oh behalf of The Clay Potters and myself, Faerie Amma, we would like to wish everyone a very magical day.

And exactly who are The Clay Potters, well in no particular order we have here at the Faerie Nursery....

The Pixies... Pixie Bess, Pixie Grace, Pixie Heather, Pixie Ivy, Pixie Jinx, Pixie Sunburst, Pixie Tilly and Sapphire the Pixie.

The Sprites... Sprite Enwedhan, Benny the Buttery Sprite, Ella the Sprite and Sprite SugarPlum.

Of the Moss People... Missy May of the Moss People and Ros of the Moss People.

The Others... Chich of the Tuatha de Donaan, Domi the Bally Bog, Nipper the Churichaun and Servan the Traveller.

The Fae, Faeries, and Faery's... Ariadne the Derva Faery, Fae Bella, Faerie Bosh, Faerie Cabela, Faerie Edie of the Bean-Tighe, Faerie Lucilleadelle, Faerie Mia, Faerie Nettle, Mouse the Ashray Faerie and of course, myself, Faerie Amma.