Thursday, March 31, 2011

Shiny Petals

They are so dainty and pretty, I almost hate to take them all apart.

BUT....I also can't wait to make some of the Faeries have sparkly little dresses!

These little flowers are of the softest purple hue I have ever seen.

These next ones are pretty-in-pink

And the last stem has sparkly sheer petals.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


And I think they love me too!!

Lots of goodies came in the mail today.

Where to start and how not to miss anything.

Okay, I spoke before of the scrapbooking paper that I had ordered from mch1069 (ebay)....well that second package arrived today. Each package contains 50 sheets, so that now gives me 200 sheets of 12"x12" paper.

Next.....the new sample of felt for the bags. These came from a company in the states called Felt-o-rama. Again, this felt is environmentally friendly as it is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. As I was hoping that this sample would be more of what I was looking for, it isn't quite. It is thicker and more sturdy than the previous sample but I think I will try for one more sample.
This same company has a few choices and of course huge price jumps for better quality felt. I am going to order the wool blend felt and see if it has the quality I am after. Okay....after reading their website, the wool blend felt is actually made in Canada. Guess I have more research to do for if I can shop locally I will.

The next package contains items geared towards the Petal Faeries project. I ordered the these from missdaisey2005 (ebay). I wasn't sure the thickness of the paper wrapped wire and I think that these will be too thick for the Faeries but I am sure I will find a use for them :)  The other item in the package was the curly hair for the Faeries. They are going to be soooo cute.

I also received 3 more Pez Disney Fairie dispensers from annlong (ebay). These ones came on a cardboard backing and they sit on a blue coloured flower as they are imported from Europe. As she only had 3, these will go to the kids :)

The final package I received was a care package from my Mom :)  There is never anything better than a package mailed from home.  She has been busy shopping away for me and I am so happy with all that she was able to find.

Most of the goodies are for the Petal Faeries; pipe cleaners (plain and sparkly) and silk flower petals. She also mailed me some pearl beads for the Sugarplum Faerie pendant. We are hoping that they are the right size for the heads :)

Monday, March 28, 2011

3 in 1!!

A triple wammy at the post office today :)

I will update all three parcels on this one post (laziness, is almost my bed time!).

Parcel #1.... from megacharms (ebay). As this vender sells their items in bulk I thought to save money this would work perfectly. I order two sets of 25 of both the beehive and the pear charms. The beehives are exactly the same as from my previous order (different vendor). The pears on the other hand are just weeeeeee tiny things. Not sure at this stage of the game if they will be usable for the wine glass charms or not.


The I have attached a picture of the new 'baby' pears and then one with the original pear for a comparison. As you can see, they are very tiny!

The next parcel was the Eggplant ribbon from balsacircle (ebay). As expected it is quite a bit darker than the Plum ribbon but in all fairness the Plum ribbon is sheer. When held together in the sunlight the outer edge of the Plum ribbon is really close to the same shade as the Eggplant. Final decision, I love the Eggplant ribbon and it goes fantastically with the sheer Plum I will buy both!! Now as I haven't been able to find the Eggplant ribbon in anything else but a double sided satin, I might go and try to get a wider size (this one is 1/16 of an inch). I have only attached photos of the two styles of ribbon together, as the Eggplant remains to look almost black when photographed.

The final parcel that came in today was....the scrapbooking paper from mch1069 (ebay). I am really pleased with it (though I wished it was not a matte finish). I did go ahead and order the last two sets that were available (prior to this parcel arriving) as the colour and style are now out of print. I think that the paper will make a wonderful addition to the whole marketing scheme as it does have both the Eggplant (and Plum) and Antique Gold colourings on it. 

All in all....a wonderful day to check the mail. I must say that with the exception for the size of the wee little pear charms I am thoroughly happy with all of my purchases. 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fit to be tied and all I need now is a old oak tree!!

Ribbons, organza and tulle....

Yes, a new package came in the mail, this one from orgazabag (ebay).

To follow with the company theme colours my first order of ribbons and such has arrived.

As this particular company only carried 'Plum' and not an 'Eggplant' tone of purple it will be interesting to compare the two colours once the other one arrives. I guess that will determine who I order from again.

So this is what I ordered for the 'Old Gold' colours.

This is a beautiful glittery sheer 3/8" organza ribbon.

This tulle is 6" in width.

These little bags are 3x4" with a pretty little ribbon for a closure. I'm not sure what exactly I am going to use them for yet but they were the right colour and I got them at an awesome price. As this package only came with 30 little bags I will need another set if I am to use them for this year's parcels. Thinking I will probably order some more of this size and also the next size up.

Now this is the 'Plum' colour (the official company colour is actually 'Eggplant')

Again this is a 3/8" sheer organza ribbon that has a wonder sparkle to it.

And the 6" tulle....

Friday, March 18, 2011

Sugarplum Faerie Pendant Components

Slowly but surely, all the little bits and pieces are arriving to make the Sugarplum Faerie pendants.

Today from Moonbaby1962 (ebay) I received the little silver caps and a string of very soft pink imitation pearl beads. Unfortunately I think the pearls will be too big for this project....but no worries, they will get used :)

A work in progress....

Leading a CHARMED life

Okay, now I am definitely going to need a work bench in a 'cat' free zone for all of these beads.

This is what was in today's parcel from moonbaby1962 (ebay).

I do believe I now have all the hoops that will be needed to complete this years wine glass charms. As this particular supplier did not have any more silver hoops I decided to purchase a few packages of the gold as well.

I also received the seed beads for this project. I decided to go with the jewel-toned beads...why...cause I like them better than the pastels :)

And as a little bonus from the seller....

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Another package came in the mail today :)

I received from bead_craze (ebay) 3 packages of hoops for the wine glass charms project. Each package came with 20 (10 sets) silver hoops.

These should would perfect for the project.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Gift Bags will all come down to presentation. As I was lucky enough to purchase my gift bags last year, I will now need to make my own for this season. The bags will be made of felt and will have a silhouetted design of the theme on the front. I have been playing with a few designs (sample provided via Google images) and think that I am leaning towards the tote style more.

I received today in the mail my sample of craft felt from Davey Textile Solutions (formally Davey Fabrics out of Edmonton). I must admit I am a bit concerned with the weight of the fabric as I want my gift bags to be able to stand up. The colours are pretty though. I am leaning towards the royal, purple, red and gold for now.

I have now also requested samples from Recycled Eco-Felt by the Yard - Eco-fi: Felt-o-rama
Their felt fabric is known as Eco-fi (also known as Ecospun) and is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. I am interested in what the weight of this fabric will be. It also comes in 28 fun different colours. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Charming are they not?

Another package arrived in the mail today :)

This one was filled with the charms for the wine glass charm project. As this initial order was to evaluate size, quality and quantity required, I am now in a better position to place a larger order.

I would like to thank Lois7374 (ebay) for this order.

The Nutcracker - these are actually larger than I thought they would be, but the detail is awesome :)

The Sugarplum Faerie - yes she's nude, but that's how they come!!

The Pear - these are just beautiful

And for next year...The Honey Bee - symbolized by the Beehive with two adorable little bees on the front.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Parcel :)

Wow......I love them :)

Today parcel arrived from Surrey, BC from Moefe (ebay).
I ordered from them parts for the Sugarplum Faerie pendant and the Petal Faeries.

This is what arrived....

So here is the breakdown of the contents.
The small package on the left contains little tiny spacer beads for the top of the Faeries head on the pendant. The picture does not do these beads justice at all for the two strands of purple. As I didn't know the size of the wing beads, I ordered two different Sugarplum coloured beads. Amazingly the larger beads are the ones that are going to work the best. The wooden beads on the end are for the heads of the Petal Faeries.

And these are the components for the Faerie pendant so far.....