Saturday, July 24, 2021

I am humbled, touched, surprised and in awe of this poem written by a friend, a confidant and a true leader. You have always been filled with surprises and amazing talents, who knew you could write poetry as well? I will treasure this poem forever. Thank you Trish. 


While walking through a forest grove down beside the river,
I saw the ferns along the canopy's edge suddenly begin to quiver.

But there was no breeze or other force causing them to wiggle.
And as I paused to ponder that, I thought I heard a giggle.

Then a small figure appeared out from behind an old fir tree.
And a voice whispered in my ear; 'Rejoice, for it is she.'

Black hair flowed over her shoulders, wisps framed her lovely face,
Around each delicate wrist were silver ribbons of spiderweb lace.

Her flowing blue robe rippled at her feet, like waves upon the shore,
Woven petals with sparkling dew drops formed the necklace that she wore.

A kaleidoscope encircling her head made a delightful spinning crown,
The forest birds singing in harmony was the most enchanting sound.

I watched as the beauty, the butterflies and birds of a feather,
Danced in joy and celebration of this joining together.

To give loving thanks to the river for its gifts never-ending,
And embrace the peaceful vibrations the river was sending.

By now the sun had reached the very west edge of the sky,
Pink light let them know that it was time to say good-bye.

But before the birds and the butterflies would set off to go,
Each presented before her and bowed their head low.

As she returned to her tree home, she faded from sight,
And the forest became still as it welcomed the night.

Who invites winged treasures to galas so merry?
Emmanuelle, the River Fairy.

By Trish Curtin