Saturday, November 16, 2013

A new YouTube video featuring 'Me'

As a tradition, okay this is only my 2nd time submitting something for the Fort Smith's Annual Festival of Trees, I have made a YouTube video of what I entered and it features ME!

This idea came to me in a dream one night. When I woke up I was able to draw a sketch of what I really wanted. Yes it was bizarre but it was fun. After a major shopping spree and my husbands most invaluable help, I was able to bring the dream to reality.

I have had a few invaluable points made to me about marketing my little nursery and they all seem to have included that "I" must become a part of that company. I have always kept myself at a distance, not for any particular reason but I have never allowed myself to be really photographed when I wasn't in makeup and dressed up as Faerie Amma.

So, I did post on Facebook with a few photos of me 'working' in the nursery playing with flower heads. Well, it's what I do. My husband was playing with the camera and took a few shots of me and I was brave enough to post them on Facebook. That was a first for me.

As the great advice goes, people need to fall in love me (and Faerie Amma) and what I do before they can fall in love with my company. If I allow myself to be seen as more of who is behind the creations then hopefully my family, friends and followers will learn a bit more about me.

I titled this years submission "Your enchanted home away from home." Now I understand that this is definitely not your normal Christmas Tree entry but I work in a Faerie Nursery. I shouldn't be part of the norm. I should be different. I should be whimsical. I should just be me.

I hope you all enjoy the video (next time I will at least have brushed my hair and put a bit of makeup