Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A Clean Mess

i think that the nursery is finally starting to look clean although a few things just might need a bit tending to yet so i do believe that it's list time ~
  • the cobwebs have new cobwebs spun upon them with again new ones again on top of that with another whole layer on top of that although i will say that it's a good thing spiders like to spin their silk in different shades of paint as it certainly does add splash of colour ~ blicky ~ but then colour none the less
  • the dirt pile that was once swept into the corner has upped and managed to find the dustpan itself
  • or how about the ivy that was in such a knotted jumbled mess that it figured out how to actually dance the twist
  • what about trying to erase the pretty pictures that have been drawn on the scattered note pads
  • and then who could forget the tumbleweeds mixed in with the beads that roll aimlessly across the floor ~ i will note though that i have absolutely no idea where tumbleweeds might have come from here in the nursery
  • oh yeah ~ and what about the ball of yarn that had turned itself inside out only to find another knot on the end that was in a different colour
  • then there was that really really really really long purple thread that somehow came across spools of green and pink and yellow threads and the wrapped them so tightly together that they will never be able to be separated 
  • how do water the silk flowers that have taken root on the floor
  • what about the coloured markers that have long since dried up but are still so extremely smelly that we use them as incense to keep the nursery smelling fruity
  • and how on earth do you pour the food colouring dyes back into their own matching coloured bottles
that's quite the list and i do know that it will only grow longer and longer as how do you expect to get anything done with a nursery full of faeries?