Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Clay Potters??

Who are The Clay Potters?

Why, YOU and I are The Clay Potters!!

My brand new line of standing-up faeries will now become The Clay Potters.

Everyone who wants to join is welcome, mind you the Faeries do insist on me telling you that there are a few simple things you must do firstly.

1. Chose a name...that sounds simple enough to me. Perhaps a favourite nickname from when you were little? Perhaps your pets name? Perhaps you just love your own name and you want to use that! The main reason behind choosing a new name is so that I (and the Faeries) can address you without any worries of sharing too much personal information here on the world wide web.

2. Decide who you are...this one is a bit tougher but I found a wonderful guide that you can use Faerie Groups (a massive thank you to the designer Kelley Heckart). So look at who you feel you are or want to be.

3. Let the Faeries know your top 3 favourite colours.

4. We need to know at least 2 of your favourite things to do. Maybe you are a knitter, a hockey fan, an archer, a baker...the list is endless.

5. Send us an e-mail to:

With all of this wonderful information, I, Faerie Amma will make you a Faerie (female/male). This new Clay Potter faerie will stay here in the nursery with the other faeries as a chance for us to get to know them.

There will be brief updates on Facebook and Twitter. The Website will host all of the photos and news updates. The main story line will be told here on the Blog.

Oops...did I say 'story line'? Well the whole point of letting The Clay Potters get into mischief and mayhem is for me to start a faerie tale book. I will record what is happening here in the nursery and share it here with YOU are the characters.

If you have any suggestions, ideas or questions for The Clay Potters or for me please do not keep them to yourself as I will need all the help I can get.

I look forward to creating The Clay Potters and for you get to know them too.

Faerie Amma