Wednesday, August 10, 2016

How to Make the Fluttering Stop

staying awake is a natural thing that we all have to deal with but how about when you need to not be yawning?

here are a few iron clad methods to help you with the long and tedious drive to the nursery
~~ try to stay focused on the surroundings out the window by counting trees, birds and perhaps the telephone poles as they flash by
~~ the blast of cold from the air conditioner while on high or better yet rolling down the window and sticking your head out with the hopes of now swallowing a bug
~~ do yoga are stretches that won't knock-out the passenger or break off the rearview mirror off
~~ count the burnt-out headlights as you pass an on-coming vehicle or for a bonus point count them as they approach in your rearview mirror
~~ whistle in tune with the snoring coming from the seat beside you
~~ listen to a book-on-tape where *** Chewbacca actually talks??
~~ sing out loud to songs from the 1980's

and my all time favourite -- the tipping of your hat, curtseying, kneeling, and well even just the act of nodding your head as you acknowledge each tree that is leaning over as if wanting to jump over to the other side of the road as everyone needs to have an adventure, even trees.

on a side note though -- have you found that the time TO get where you are going can almost be unbearable and yet the drive BACK seems to be half the distances. even though the illusion of time taking longer or slower, i'm happy that you came to visit.