Saturday, November 17, 2012

PWK Fall Fair & Tea

What a wonderful turnout today. It was so nice seeing returning customers and meeting new ones :)

First of all....a MASSIVE thank you to Georgina for sitting with me today. You made the day perfect.

Second of all....a MASSIVE thank you to my hubby for his help both in the nursery and today (plus having to live me....deserves a wee bit of a mention as well).

After living here now for 2 1/2 years it's amazing how many people I either knew or have seen before (being such the caterpillar type of gal I have become {not so much a social butterfly anymore}) that walked through the doors.

The Faeries were all behaved sitting in the new tree branches and on their platforms on the table. The Seed Pod Babies were happy in their new platter (note to self, Georgina always imagines them swimming, so I think I will pick up some tiny blue marbles or something that they can sit on to give the illusion of floating). The cases for the miniatures worked perfectly and everyone was able to see them and we didn't have to worry about wee little fingers getting ahold of anything (legally, a very important note). I will say though, that the hit of the afternoon was our new line....the Faerie Princes! Everyone had to pick one up and check them out.

We had put out a copy of the new catalogue and people were so impressed with it. Even got a few asking if they could purchase one. As this thought did not quite enter my mind when ordering them, I will make a mental note for next year to perhaps print off a few that can be made available for sale.

A big shout-out goes to Meagan at the Northern Journal for the story she did about me and my little company for Small Business Week in our local newspaper. I must have had a least a dozen people recognize either me or my company name and state that they had read about me and wanted to learn more.

Georgina organized a secret draw for anyone that purchased an item. She even punched out little 3D faerie figures on the ballots for me!! Congratulations Jennifer Hudson, I will be calling you shortly and making arrangements for delivery :)