Sunday, February 21, 2016

When it's too cold to shovel

with the temperature dropping to -33.8 here at the nursery not only is it too cold to work but you can't even here a peep! i'm thinking that it might be that they can't un-clump the frozen sparkle dust in order to play.

on the those days where it isn't quite so frosty out that i do still try to keep myself busy whether it be in where it is toasty or when it is so nippy that the tip of my nose starts to turn red. but when i do venture through the glass doors one must remember that to awaken a faerie let a lone a whole nursery full of them, well, its just not something that i or even for that matter that you would do. speaking from past experiences it is best to just tiptoe around instead of stomping your boots to shake off the snow, and i know, who would of thunk? but when i do start to think back even (as long as to when my noggin starts to hurt) i really can't seem to recall exactly what it is that i have must have been doing or even to pinpoint to any one thing but surely i must have been doing something that i or at least i hope i have been. 

with the sun still shining on these very cold days and the snow is so beautiful and sparkling that it really is a shame to not dress up snuggly warm and take a few pictures outside. when out and about on these frozen trips i have come across magical doors hiding in amongst the tree branches and bunny holes. you certainly can see where the there has been some activity where someone has been busy shovelling out the doorway but on most of them the snow hasn't been disturbed as the faeries must be hiding away in what must be a forever time for them. i have heard (well when i have been eavesdropping) from their tiny whispers that that when the snow is blowing or the mosquitoes are so thick that even they can't out fly them that this is definitely the time to be comfortable and to warm their tootsies in front of the flickering fireplace. i have wondered though that where or what they would they find enough food to keep their plates full on the dining room table. after what has seemed to be forever and a day i have decided that they must stash away munchables just like the squirrels do which in turn would make perfectly sense that they are really leary as to not let any of the neighbouring critters come to visit just incase their hiding places be found. 

today i decided to sneak on in to just catch up on a few of my terribly tardiness chores with the hope that i don't disturb their slumber. please don't forget to visit our Instagram account where at least i can post some lovely photos without being caught. 

someone must have come
and shovelled out the walkway

best to stay put for the rest of the day