Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Executive Decisions!!

Wow, that sounded like an ominous title for a posting!!

Lots of decisions have been made here at the faerie nursery...


1. I would like to apologize as it seems our Etsy link button on our website does not take you to our Shop Front but only takes you to the Etsy main page. This will be fixed shortly.

2. We will be adding the icon buttons for both PinInterest and LinkedIn to the website and here on the blog.

3. We have been informed that when you press on the button link pages at the top that the colour of the words are not visible. This too will be fixed shortly.

4. As it seems that it takes FOREVER to go through the whole Flickr album, I will now be limiting the number of faeries available to view to 25. Please note though that there are more and if you do not find the faerie that you think will fit into your home or lifestyle, please contact me using the comments section on the webpage and I will be able to show more photos.

5. It seems I have never mentioned on the website that each petal faerie is unique and special, with her own name and background story. This will be added to the top of the page under creations.

6. Speaking of titles for the website pages, I have decided to have the name creations removed and changed to Petal Faerie. This will allow us to expand and add pages to allow albums for the faerie doors, trinket chests, bauble faeries and babies. Each will have their own pages and Flickr albums.


1. This site will be shortly changed to match the rest of the Enchanted Pathways Faerie Nursery sites. I can't wait for things to look the same across the board.


1. I joined PinInterest through an invite many months ago but I have never even looked at the site until a friend recommended that I put my petal faeries on there. So I now have all 76 petal faeries pinned.


1. I have now joined LinkedIn as the second person I know recommended the site. I have not had a chance to look at it...but I've joined it!!

Again, please have patience as our web designer is currently on holidays :)