Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Visitors :)

I had visitors to the nursery this week and what fun was that (and they even wore the slippers I had bought for visitors...that was almost just as exciting).

So while here, they got to make their own petal faeries.

Long story....are you sitting a nice soft chair??

So we will start out with Thum. Thum started pulling down bags of flowers....she seemed to be quite partial to the peach and the turquoise ones...I thought....ooooohhhh I like where she is going with this. Then the next time I took a peek over to the other side of the table...all of a sudden the dark dark red flower bag was spread out across the table! Like what happened to the soft gentle faerie?? Next, she pulled down the black bag of petals!! Now wait a can one go from delicate to goth within minutes?? I was politely corrected...not dark or goth...Christmasy (okay, thinking that isn't even a word..but you all know what I meant so that's all that matters). Next came out the feathers, no not the wee little ones I use to make faerie wings but the great big like pterodactyl ones (okay, so I'm exaggerating...just trying to get my point across). Next came the hair-do. So lets just get the picture (before you get to actually see one). Petals were red, black, shimmer and I think she added in a couple of white ones. Large feathers, 4 to be exact, 2 big fluffy ones and 2 peacock kind of like. What would you think she thought of for hair?? Any guesses?? She ended up with BLUE. Did you happen to read that correctly? Did you read BLUE. Sparkly BLUE!! Go figure!!

Next we have Alyssa. Shy little Alyssa, I thought for sure I had this one nailed! While Thum had the turquoise flowers out, I seen Alyssa start to pull one or two out for her own faerie. Then she was reaching for the oranges and peaches. Nice, nice combination. Subdued...quiet like her. hold on....and I'm not repeating Thum's story here for you to read. All of a sudden Alyssa found a bag of the all the really weird flower the zebra striped ones and stuff. Ones that I had got in sets of flowers that I really really liked and didn't have a choice but to buy as well since they all came together. Well to say her eyes went bigger and bigger like saucers was an UNDERSTATEMENT.....all I heard was ooooohhhhh and ahhhhhhh! There we go on another completely different road than I thought she would take. So I just took in a deep breath and reminded myself...this is her faerie (did I secretly say to myself....boy, I sure am glad that this faerie will be going home with her... as can you imagine the ruckus she would cause in the nursery???). Next time I glanced over...Alyssa had not one set of petals on the go, but two sets. She decided one faerie for each of her moods. The quiet side and the not so quiet side of Alyssa.

And now to the pictures, faerie names and the stories they though of for each one :)

Thum's little faerie Miriam
Miriam is a feisty little late autumn faerie. One day when out on one of her adventures 
she had an encounter with a nasty garden gnome who nipped her wing off for his 
prized feather collection. Now you will be lucky to even catch a glimpse
of Miriam as she easily shies away when someone nears the garden. 

Alyssa's more wild side Roxy
Roxy is the life of the party at the nursery. With her loud stripes and bright colours, 
she likes to brighten every one's day. Her past time is sneaking out with her 
quiet sister Misha to paint the lilies with her wild stripes.

And of course, Alyssa's more quiet side Misha
Misha is the quiet and shy sister to Roxy. She loves to serenade the other faeries 
of the nursery with her violin but sometimes goes off to play a faint tune somewhere in the garden. 
She always seems to go along with Roxy's adventures but secretly she loves the excitement.