Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Clay Potters....arghhhhhh

Okay, after what is this now....4 prototypes, I still can't just get the look I want for the faerie boys!

My biggest problem seems to be the body part itself. I have tried large beads (you know the ones that used to be used for macramé), seed pods that hubby dearest drilled arm and legs wholes for, smaller beads arghhhhhhh.

For their arms and legs I have tried moss covered wire, paper wrapped wire, just plain old think wire and finally I used yarn to wrap them I have incredible hulks lol. So.....that at least was an easy fix...I am just using yarn like floss and I can say that I love the way it this will allow me to actually have boys that are of different colours.

Belts? Should they have belts? I have awesome natural dyed hemp cording that looks awesome but when I tie it around their waists...well it doesn't look so good as it does in my head! Insert another arghhhhhh here :)

Hair? How impossible could this type of decision be?? I have lots of different styles of acorn caps or even using the plastic parts from all of the flowers (but mind you....can't figure out what to use to cover up the hole at the top...still working on this). I have tried yarn, floss, the inside plastic stuff from the flowers (you know...its what makes flowers look bulky...usually clear with lots of little tentacle like things coming from the centre), to even using natural moss. How could boy heads be this hard (ahhh just answered my own question there...sorry...oops to any men reading this On some of the bodies that I have made, no hair looks I think the whole head dilemma will have to wait till the body is finalized.

I also went as far as picking out material that I could use as a wee little shirt and cropped pants....but but but...their legs were soooo spindly looking that I gave up that idea as well. Perhaps with the new wire wrapping technique, I should revisit this idea.

I don't think that I have allowed myself or my work table get this frustrated and messy in a long time!!

So here I sit with little boys all around me and not one that I could say...that's it...that's the type I want to use. Insert another arghhhhhh here :)

Back to the drawing board...AGAIN!