Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Props

Today was spent rummaging around my faerie nursery in order to find things to put into The Clay Potters nursery. With all of the miniatures I have this was actually quite an easy and fun task.

As I mentioned on my first set of photos of me, Faerie Amma, that I loved my ladybug print but figured it was just way tooooo busy for a backdrop. So off I went to the internet to try to find miniature frames. I managed to find some really fantastic ways to make your own frame. I am extremely pleased in my final result and what a perfect addition to the miniature nursery.


And flowers! These little vases are actually drawer pulls!! 
All I had to do was sand down the bottoms so they could stand up. How simple. 

And shelving units. I found this idea as well. 
All it is, is wooden skewers put through wooden buttons and pony beads. Again, how simple. 

These little vases I had just sitting in a baggie buried deep in a box of knick knacks 
and yet they are the just the right size. 
Entry way goodies or I guess for if it ever happens to rain in the nursery (I sure hope not!)

             As the nursery is situated in the north, here are some of the veggies and fruits that can 
be grown up here in our short summers. I also found some great gardening tools as well. 

A few extra things...not sure if I will use them but going to put 
them into the nursery prop box just in case. 

Now these are actually props for the swords and spears. 
Not sure if they are going to be painted or not.