Monday, March 14, 2011

Parcel :)

Wow......I love them :)

Today parcel arrived from Surrey, BC from Moefe (ebay).
I ordered from them parts for the Sugarplum Faerie pendant and the Petal Faeries.

This is what arrived....

So here is the breakdown of the contents.
The small package on the left contains little tiny spacer beads for the top of the Faeries head on the pendant. The picture does not do these beads justice at all for the two strands of purple. As I didn't know the size of the wing beads, I ordered two different Sugarplum coloured beads. Amazingly the larger beads are the ones that are going to work the best. The wooden beads on the end are for the heads of the Petal Faeries.

And these are the components for the Faerie pendant so far.....