Monday, October 15, 2012

Vienna by Meagan

So the Nursery was lucky enough to have both Meagan and Heather over this past weekend. While Heather made a beautiful faerie that reminded her of wintery days, while Meagan's faerie kept to a similar brrrrrr theme she also mentioned what her faerie likes to do on warm summer days.

I would like you all to meet Vienna and this is how her story goes...

"Vienna is a delightfully aristocratic faerie with a taste for the finer things in life. She enjoys reading the classics in a giant elm in the park on a summer day or taking a seat in a packed opera house on a snowy winter's evening. Having spend much of her life in Russia and Austria, she enjoys the cold of the North very much, just as long as it includes a toasty fire and a cup of spicy mulled wine."

Thank you so much for visiting Meagan, I hope you had a wonderful time and that you will be back again soon.

Heather's Visit to the Nursery

Well my winning contestant for Nutmeg the Halloween Faerie actually was able to come over this weekend and make Nutmeg a friend.

I would like you all to meet Glisten. This is the little story that Heather wrote up about her.

"Glisten is a crisp sparkly winter faerie. She dripped off the end of an icicle one sunny winter's day and has been enjoying her time in the garden ever since. Her favourite activities include skating on frozen bird baths, making 'snowfaeries' in the freshly fallen snow, and coming inside for a hot cup of apple cider afterwards. Her dress is made from endless layers of wintry petals, covered in sparkling gems".

And yes, for all of those who have not had a chance to visit the nursery....I hold all my Friends of Faeries captive!! Well only for a little awhile, I promise. Once a visitor has come over and spent the time to make themselves a faerie, I get to keep her here in the nursery for a bit. Since the first visit is always a gift from me, in return you must leave her with me to have her photo taken and posted on my website. As well, you must give her a name and write a short biography. It can be something simple to as to what you were feeling when you were making your faerie, about her dress or like Heather, a bit about your faeries' personality.

Glisten will now be gently packaged up and I will give Heather a call to let her know that she can come and pick her up to take home.