Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Sneak Preview

As I have mentioned before, my teacup nurseries are coming along quite well. I am very happy with them and enjoying experimenting with all of the new and interesting shapes.

Each teacup nursery will come of course with a flower petal faerie. I have decided to make each of these faeries match the colours of the teacups. Thought that it would be quite complementary and tie in nicely.

As my graphic designer is waiting NOT so patiently for the photos of the teacup nurseries for the magazine ad, I figured it was about time I actually get some faeries made.

Here is a sneak peak at what I managed to do this evening. Now just remember, this is only a peak!

And yes, the faeries are tipped upside down drying in their respective teacups :)

Push Pins Anyone??

You know how you go into a store with great expectations and then all you find is plain, boring, everyone else has kind of stuff? is my story for the day!

Figured I might need a cork board for the nursery. You know...with this whole aging thing, my mind is definitely not as sharp (get it...push!! Okay, maybe it was just me that giggled at this one??) as it used to be.

So, now I have a cork board. Even managed to find a great spot for it. Hung it up. Looking pretty good.

Now, what does a cork board need. It needs little pieces of paper that are hung up with push pins. Off I went to find push pins, but being me....ordinary push pins we know just won't do. In the store, I managed to find the back wall that has all the push pins on display. Can you say ... DISAPPOINTED! Not one package of cool looking push pins. All I found was the ugly prime coloured ones (not saying that these don't fit the colour scheme of other folks....just not me). Went and got the catalogue...nope...just plain old dull blue, red and yellow. Now tell me, how boring is that??

Back here at home...time to do an internet search for fun, exciting and cool push pins. Whoa.....have you priced out fun, exciting and cool push pins?? Huh, huh, huh?? Hmmmm, so obviously that was an easy decision, the nursery was NOT going to be getting any fun, exciting and cool push pins.

Back to the drawing board. Now if you have been following my blog for a while now, you will recall that last year, I kind of went on a button buying spree. Not any type of button but real wooden buttons. Now with the joy of Ebay (and I do type that with a smile on my face), I was able to find buttons. Off to the bidding part but I am a firm believer that if anything goes over my maximum bid of $2.31 it wasn't meant to be mine. Over 1800 wooden buttons later.... :)

Now here comes in the ingenious part....yeah....I already figured this part out!

Now I have fun, exciting and cool push pins for the nursery :)

Some People Really Are Just That Nice!

It sure is nice when you meet genuine people who like to share in making the world a more 'magical' place. I have been lucky enough to accidentally meet a wonderful woman by the name of Cathy, who has taken it upon herself to select a few precious items from her own collection of craft supplies to give to me to make my flower petal faeries. As she has asked for no monetary payment for all of these bags upon bags of flowers and ribbons, she did ask if I would make her a petal faerie. As her favourite colour is blue, I would like you all to meet Flutter. Thank you Cathy for helping me keep the 'magic' alive.