Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Expedition of a Faerie Prince!

It is always such a privilege when I find out that one of my wee faeries has been picked for an Etsy Treasury.

I was sent an email yesterday informing me that Faerie Prince Cameron has made the front page! Such exciting news for such a wee little guy.

This is his story...

Faerie Prince Cameron is somewhat of a mystery here in the nursery. he showed up on a clear and sunny day this winter, which really isn't a strange occurrence but it is when he had brought with him that leaves us all wondering how on earth he found this far-away northern nursery. In his acorn basket, Prince Cameron is carrying an Amber Drop Cone which after doing our homework, we found out comes from the Pacific Northwest of the United States? He has flown a long long long way to arrive here in our nursery.

He is sporting a soft silver coloured body with a rich olive green coloured cotton floss. Matching silvery translucent wings, an acorn cap and basket made from an acorn top with an amber drop cone nestled inside.

I would like to thank Annafaerie for her Treasury of True Fairy #940. Interesting gifts for different occasions. 

Erosion can only bring the old to new light

As there are always things that are evolving here at the nursery...perhaps not actually evolving...more like...I love change. Well, that should be rephrased....I love change on my terms. Example...when growing up, I was the one that would change the bedroom around at least once a week. Why you ask? Because I could! This habit in a way has never left me. I love to change and move furniture, decor and well pretty much all of a room to this day. And, isn't it strange that both of my children, particularly my son, do the same?

So to continue on with the original thought...change here in the nursery of course due to space, table, shelving and well everything has really limited and stymied this habit...which isn't a good thing! so instead I have taken this 'need' and funnelled it to my on-line presence instead.

I'm  not sure if some of the last month or two changes here on the blog you will have noticed but this last week in particular has seen some dramatic updates. Of course, the phone call has been put through to Shawn, the nursery's website guru, to just tweak the background, okay, I will admit it...this whole coding part of which I have no clue on how to do....and okay, I will admit it....I'm kinda not allowed to touch as I am the type to do big oooop's that take a few more that just a couple of minutes to fix! Example...just like with everything else to do with the nursery...I do not care for disorder...that even goes towards my iMac's desktop! And ummm.....well, I had decided that there was this really UGLY icon on my desktop that for some reason I was unable to off it went into the trash. So ummm...yeah, that was my hard drive, my operating system, ummm the umph of the computer! And well, this wee little icon movement caused a few phone calls to Apple Helpline and more than a few calls from my son to try to retrieve it. Hence....I am not/do not add or delete any icons from my desktop without permission from my son and ummm....I really doubt it if with this knowledge in hand, would Shawn appreciate me getting behind the scenes into this whole coding changes/updates that he has worked so hard to put into place.

There are still a few small and some quite dramatic changes/updates that will be happening over the next few weeks. I'm hoping that they will improve the look and feel without losing, hampering or compromising the actual look of this blog so it doesn't lose the coherence and flow from one site to another.