Sunday, September 20, 2015

The wind blown look!

Welcome aboard.

May we please have your full attention to the safety features on-board this car hood:

* Note that the fasten seat belt sign has now been turned on.

* All carry-on luggage should be stowed.

* Seat backs and folding trays are in upright position.

* Emergency exists are located to both sides of the aircraft.

* Just as a reminder this is a non-smoking flight (except for passing vehicle exhaust fumes).

* Please note that turbulence occasionally may occur during a flight at which time the seat belt sign will be turned on and you will be asked to return to your seat.

Now sit back and enjoy the flight.

The wind blown look! Preflight includes the ruffling of feathers, confirmation of GPS coordinates, checking of windspeed and finally ready to take flight. Safe journeys and say hi to the family from us.