Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Jewelled Wings

With more on the way....the nursery is now surrounded by sparkly, jewelled delicate butterfly wings. My only wish is that they were real but these will do. As I mentioned previously, I want to have the feel of the Teacup Nurseries to be whimsical and very exaggerated. So your teacup will have the tiniest of a wee little faerie house and it will be surrounded by trees and flowers and bugs and mushrooms and butterflies and....well the list can just go on and on and on....and on as far as my imagination can take it actually.

So here they are.....90 of the prettiest little butterflies that are no bigger than an inch.....

Rainbow Chests

I had a few trinket chests that I decided needed to be completed over the last few days. Once you take apart all of the tiniest little screws that I have EVER had to work with and then make sure that you don't mix up all the hardware with the chest that it came to....the fun begins. Usually I make sure that all of the paints go hand-in-hand and are coordinated in their rightful colour schemes. This time....well, lets just say that I kind of went off kilter!! As I only use environmentally safe paints (everything is water-based, even the Varathane!!) it is easy for me to paint in the workshop with little ventilation required. Plus, using water-based paints make the drying time feel like a snap! I decided this time to start with the outsides of the boxes, not sure why...just did. All my colours are usually dark and jewel-toned for the exterior just to make sure that there is great coverage and the different shades of the wood don't show through. The insides are a bit easier as they are usually filled with little trinkets. Don't worry though, they still get the exact same treatment as the exterior does, having two coats of colour and then 2 coats of Varathane. The only difference is that the interior gets the matte finish of the Varathane and as I love shiny and sparkly things....the outside gets the full gloss :)  While painting away, I was looking at all of the other colours I had on the shelf and things just started to fall into place. So now I ended up with a rainbow of trinket chests.

Even better then all of the above!! I sent my daughter on a shopping spree (as she actually lives in civilization where there are stores!!) and asked her to pick me up 20 more bottles of paint. So off she went...with two kids in tow. I get a call the next day saying that my granddaughter Rebecca was allowed to pick all the colours of paint for me. Now you have to picture this...we all know that paints are arranged on shelves that are closest to the floor correct? Well my granddaughter will be two in September and she was allowed to just pick whatever colours she wanted. How special is that :)  I may not even want to use any of the paints now as I will want to treasure them forever. I figure that once my 'care package' arrives I will actually label each bottle and say 'hand picked by Rebecca'. As I use each colour the memories of knowing who picked it will flow through me and make me smile. I will even save the bottles so I can show her when she is older that she helped her Amma Emm :)