Sunday, January 31, 2016

confusing doubtfulness

oh what shambles, chaos, jumbles and topsy-turviness.

finding a wee scribbled note all scrunched up hidden in a dusty cobwebby corner were thoughts from my school days (and no, you do not get to know, and there will be no guessing at how old i really am).
and yes, in case your were wondering (or to scared to ask) i did have to shoo away (hubby says it wasn't exactly me who did the shooing) an awfully massive spider (hubby says it was in fact a really a teeny tiny one..but a spider is a spider).

i'm thinking that my faeries must have been with me even when i wasn't aware of them that so long ago.
as one re-reads these lyrics that at the time were not intentionally written for Fae or even anything faerie related but don't you think that these words could have been penned from a faeries viewpoint instead?

"remember to always
believe in your spirit
your hopes and dreams
be true to one's own self
and those around you!"

"take a chance 
believe in yourself
dare to dream
live to love"

with this crimpledly diary page found that one can't even imagine or even want to remember what thoughts i must have had running unbuttoned through my noggin.
but thinking upon it now one must bethink that faeries do not write in verse or song but through riddles and puzzles that one may never untangle or piece together.
may the secrets and the mysteries leave us giggling when silly pieces of paper are found in a corner long lost.

a question for you then

...have you ever heard the faeries laugh with a twistery melody that it leaves you befuddled?