Monday, January 23, 2012

The "Bottom's Up" Group

Well here are the first 7 of the 'Bottom's Up' group that I did yesterday. Today was completion time...heads, hair, hats and curling of arms and legs. I am loving all of the new colours and accessories I have been able to pick up over the last couple of months.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bottom's Up!

Indecent Exposure at it's finest!!!!

I have ordered and received tons of new flowers.....all the colours of the rainbow at my fingertips :)

Here are 17 more Petal Faeries in the my messy work area!

It truly was a wonderful way to spend a lazy and cold Sunday. I was up at 5:00 and 7:00 with the dogs...finally feeding them and Isabella around 9:00. Crawled back in bed and put Star Trek on for the third time on my iPad (I love that movie). Hubby woke me up around 11:00 and told me to just stay in bed :)  And that I did! I played a few games on the iPad and than my son called and we chatted on iChat (deep discussions on how disturbing I found the Dr. Who episode called Weeping Angels). Next was a long hot shower and than off to have a large glass of Silk chocolate milk, a banana and get this....3 bowls of Frosted Flakes (again with Silk vanilla)! What a breakfast.....well by then it was after what a lunch! Next....laundry and general house chores. As hubby was still playing on his I went to my 'office' and it was time to play :)   I put on Titanic and had a wonderful day of making faeries.

And even more babies

These Petal Faerie Babies are laying on a bed of moss in a crib made from a bottle tree ficus wood pod. There are a beautiful shade of brown and quite sturdy. I love the richness of the colours.

And a few more of the Milk Weed Seed Pods...

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Babies....we have baby petal faeries now

I would like to introduce you to my baby petal faeries.

They are made of multi-coloured silk flowers with a wooden bead for a head. Each baby comes with a wrapped stem that is neatly curled. With a bed made out of a delicate and dried milkweed seed pod and snuggled up in a blanket of soft moss. They truly are little babies.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Wow....a New Year already!

Looks like I have been a little negligent in my blogging.

Well 2011 ended with a huge a success :)

I attended two local craft fairs in November and December.

The one held at Aurora College (November) was a great learning experience.
Firstly a big thank you goes to my husband for helping me set up and for keeping me company. Secondly a big thank you goes to my bestest friend Debora (even though she was sick) for bringing her smile.
I was given only a small table and was only able to lay things flat in trays. I can understand why no one knew what I was trying to sell. Unfortunately I had no sales for the gift bags but it was hard to display them and I don't think that no one really knew what they were all about. Mind you my stuff is pretty eclectic for the small community that I live in.
The Faerie Doors went better but again they were hard to display as well. Due to the small nature of the items I had to keep them covered up on a tray. I was successful in selling 5 complete doors sets though.

The second craft sale was held in December at the Metis Hall. It was a better presentation and I definitely used the first attempt as a learning tool. This time I had a massive table. My husband had gone a cut down tree branches to help with the display. As well the Flower Faeries were available individually for sale. I think my packaging was 1st rate and really helped. I even remembered to add in business cards.

The saying my husband came up with is "Enchanted Pathways lead to Faerie Doors". What a great way to sum up my little company :)

I will no longer be making the gift bags except for family. I loved doing them but would have to figure out a way to market them better if I am to continue making them for the company.

What does 2012 have in store....

Well, I will be expanding my little company.
I just finished revamping my workshop after a bit of an expansion for work space area.
I will be adding cloth faeries, cloth/porcelain faeries and cloth DRAGONS!
As well as tea cup faeries! More explanation on this one to follow.

I am in the process of creating new business cards as I know have a Facebook page and Esty account for Enchanted Pathways. I will no longer be using the picture of the flowers but will design my logo around the swirls and fancy font :)

I have purchased many new items for the company...too many to list and show but I will show a few over the next few days as I would like to thank certain sellers/ artists that have helped me create the vision for my company.

New Year's a better wife, continue to be a Mom and Amma Emm (to little Rebecca and baby #2 due in March), try to keep up with a full time job and to make Enchanted Pathways a successful business :)