Monday, November 25, 2013

Hello You, Yes, I'm Speaking To You Personally.

Being a Mom and a Amma Emm (Grandmother), I love traditions. Perhaps this is a bad time to write about it, with the holidays just around the corner as I don't want you to think that it happens only at Christmas time. Even though my babies are all grown up with their own families, I still send packages year round reminding them of the holidays we shared together. Yes, it would be cheaper for me to send a $20.00 bill in the mail but to get a package of Easter Eggs or red candy hearts or a Trick or Treat bag filled with sweets, is to me, a way better gift. Even to this day, when my own Mother sends me a 'care package' there is always a few candy bars tucked inside for hubby and me.

So, for those that follow me, here on my blog, Facebook or on my website, I would like to repay you for the gift that you have given me. It is one thing for me to believe that by me making these faeries, teacup nurseries, seed pod babies, the whole kit and kadoodle of my Enchanted Pathways Faerie Nursery but to have others follow me or like my page means the world to me. In return I would like to send each and everyone of you a small token from the nursery to say thank you. Thank you for believing in the world of faeries. Thank you for letting me not 'grow up'.

If you would like to receive a gift from me to you, please just hit the 'contact' button right beside this blog entry. You will be redirected to my website where you can either fill out the form or just email me directly your name and mailing address. I will not be singling anyone out, so please do not be shy if you live far away from my little wintery nursery. I promise that this will be a one-time thing and I will not be inundating you with emails in the future. I hope one day to get to the point that I will start a newsletter but that is a on my very long to-do list. 

Again, thank you so much for following me, it really does mean the world the to me.