Thursday, January 27, 2011


I have now sent off an e-mail to Suttons from London. A seed nursery that opened in 1806!! Please check out their link to read more about their history

I am requesting 20 packages of their Godetia Sugarplum seeds.

The description that they posted on these flowers is as follows: masses of brightly coloured, exotic-looking flowers that are a beautiful combination of orchid pink with deeper rose markings. (The single flowers resemble poppies, and semi-double and double blooms are prettily frilled). Height 30cm (12"). Hardy annual/Half-hardy annual

When I went to their checkout page I found that Canada didn't even exist! So here's keeping our fingers crossed that they will mail me the packages. I have tried numerous Canadian and U.S. dealers but none of them carry this particular colour and I was informed that they were unable to get them in for me.

I will keep you posted :)


Woo hoo another parcel came in today :)

I would like to say thank you to Jim "price3262" on
He was wonderful to work with, gave me a great deal and shipped items off immediately.

Now I have 30 KLIK Nutcracker Princes. They were available in three colours: red, grey and purple. Now as these are collectables from 2001, I will have to include new candies for those that want to actually use them as dispensers....just waiting for the Halloween candy to come out now :)

The Story of Clara

Well I just watch another of a multitude of Christmas Nutcracker DVD's.

I have purchased the following so for:

Rebecca will be getting ~~~ Care Bears - The Nutcracker

For the families with little ones ~~ The Nutcracker Prince - starring Keifer Sutherland; Peter O'Toole and Phyllis Diller

Everyone will be receiving a copy of The Nutcracker and the Mouseking ~~ starring Robert Hayes and the late Leslie Nielsen

For Matthew and Gillian ~~ Graeme Murphy's production of Nutcracker The Story of Clara -- with the Australian Ballet

Now to add a personal note....this production casted Vicki Attard, Siobhan Elsman and Margaret Scott as Clara throughout her life. Even though the play was centred around Vicki, Siobhan played Clara as a young girl, while Margaret played her in her later years. I just did some research on Margaret and found out that she was born in 1922. This production was filmed in 1994 which made her 72. She continued to play Clara until the year 2000.....she would have been 78! If for nothing else, to watch Margaret in all of her grace, beauty and talent...this is a must see!

I am going to order Tchaikovsky's version of The Nutcracker next. I am just not sure which dancers I would prefer to see. Of course there is Mikhail Baryshnikov...can't go wrong there :)  But there are others listed so I will read some reviews. 

I love the Story of Clara and as it does fit in with my Christmas theme, I feel that it is not quite what I want to give. I am thinking more of the actual Nutcracker story is needed to help fill in the gaps.