Friday, December 13, 2013

A New Milestone on Facebook!

I almost missed it! How could I have almost missed it!

I looked at my 'like' counter this morning and here it was at 979! I can't believe that I have had almost 1000 people 'like' my Faerie Nursery Facebook company page! WOW

I started that page on January 2, 2012 so in just under 2 years...what an amazing, absolutely wonderful, heart-touching response I have had from you all.

Now, I know how Facebook works! Just because you 'like' a page doesn't mean that I necessarily get seen by all of those people. I don't even show up in the news feed of those that WANT to see me! Gee, thanks Facebook!!

But off to the good news...I would like to say thank you. Thank you to everyone that has taken the effort to either just press that button, or to those that have done a bit more and 'liked' a posting, or to those that even though I don't know you, I feel that I know can call you a friend. There are some wonderful people out there that have been faithful to my page. That have supported me, given me some advice, helped me when I have fallen down, been that shoulder when I have cried, been that poke in the side when I needed to lighted up a bit and have been that one to hold my hand when I have boldly taken that new step and pushed myself forward, broken new ground and introduced my faeries to the world.

I hate not given everyone a gift as it has taken a community of people to get me to where I am now, not just a single person or a single Facebook 'liker'.......if you have been reading my previous posts (hint hint...see a blog posting in just might get something in the mail just for you!!)....but I would like to say 'thank you' to that milestone of 1000.

So, on my Facebook page, please 'LIKE' my page, write your 'NAME' down in the 'COMMENT SECTION' along with the 'CORRESPONDING LIKE NUMBER' that you are. Lucky number 1000 will be contacted by me personally.

Oh, I forgot...the prize... the PRIZE... the prize will be that the winner will get to pick a faerie from the Northern Line of Faeries. Any one...either Raven, Aurora, Boreal, Snowflake, Agua or Midnight Sun. Each faerie is signed and numbered.

Please DO NOT think that you are not eligible because you do not live in Canada. I ship WORLDWIDE. I love my faeries to visit the world. So please do visit my page. Do 'like' my page. Do follow my silly adventure of my faerie nursery.