Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Release?

As I have had not much umph for creating over this past summer and I have sooo many interesting creations, different designs and even a full new line of faeries...I promise that they will slowly start to be released over the next few weeks.

Now, I do know that I have missed my prime goal of having these wee ones ready for the holiday gift giving season but you know what, faeries are faeries, they don't conform to what we humans call a calendar. They just are! Faeries are like mysterious critters that just show up. They don't have a need for a time schedule! Now I am sure that some faeries are very notorious and very precise in their ways that really do need some type of a watch but I am sure that it doesn't resemble anything like what we humans use. This in itself is what makes faeries still an enigma. They have their world, one that when they want to, they share with us. Perhaps only through misty apparitions. Perhaps through sleepy dreams. Perhaps through a sentence that came out not at all how it should have. Perhaps by stealing away 'time' in your busy day by not letting you focus on anything.

So with that all said....this first limited Holiday Edition 2014 - Candy Cane is ready to finally be shown. She has been playing here in the nursery for a few weeks already but she has her own timetable, one that even I cannot mess with. Faeries are Faeries!

Introducing Candy Cane...