Saturday, June 25, 2016

where'd the balloon go?

the celebration is over
(well for Faeries, is it really ever over?)

faces are no longer yellow
(but i'm sure that won't last too long)

someone has gone and weeded the garden
(how dare they)

tree trunks are still being used for chairs
(as everything is still way too dizzy and i hear 
that dance classes will begin immediately) 

bandaids and ice cubes are running out of supply
(should of known that when playing with 
the neighbourhood stingers 
pricklilies are bound to find little Faerie bums)

the pretty ribbons are still being found in the weirdest of places but not necessarily in braided Faerie hair but instead they seem to be twisted and intertwined around thorny roses bushes 
(do you know how hard it is to untie a ribbon 
from a rose bush? i have heard that 
more bandaids just might be in order)

singing, yes, singing, yes indeed, singing....
enough said about that
(hmmmmmm, yes, enough said about that)

i'm figuring that the frolicking and chatting away while playing in the mud needs to quiet down a bit as it just might help the Faeries and their friends to stay focused and to help their silly pom poms attached to their acorn hats from fallen off
(this activity needs to be readdressed to include water bottles, snacks and plump cushions 
to relax on along the way)

and lastly but not to be forgotten, what exactly was happening with those socks and shoes?
(that's all i need to know, how can socks be taken off all the while their shoes are still on?)

i can't even imagine what games and shenanigans the Faeries have in store for next year

but i'm hoping that the little girl that lives so close to the garden doesn't go ahead and pick the daisies as then i will need to find another hiding place

thank you for the fun and the giggles
 and tons of things to whisper

oh, and wasn't there something about a balloon?