Thursday, October 15, 2015

thank you for the unexpected

as one quickly puts something on the back burner and then kinda forgets that she (me) really did put something on the back burner and then lost it. not just buried under a stack of papers. not just buried in a text message that is so far up the cue that yeah, does one ever look that far up in a conversation. and finally not just buried in an e-mail and one that was't deleted whether on purpose or not. but frankly just lost.

but today (well a couple of days ago now) one of those things lost on one of those back burners came back to say hello..i'm here!

context here: as hubby dearest was at the airport waiting for his flight when he noticed something that he had helped to make (he does all of the gluing for me but we can wait for this story another day).

there he was seeing moving across the large screen was art from the GNWT Micro Business SEED Program (Support for Entrepreneurs and Economic Development) funding.

context here: i know that one evening i had been called to the basement of the museum on a very cold and wintery day to have photos taken by the NWT Arts Council. so off i went with sprinkles on my cheeks and wearing my most favourite purple dress (i chose for the company an eggplant shade of purple, over time this colour has definitely toned down).

against a blaring white background i had pictures taken of me from front ways, side ways, pretending to hold something, actually holding something and then all the way down to my faerie going through the same flurry of shots here are 4 photos of us.

back to what hubby had found..

as my iPhone beeped telling me that i had a new message and there was me! me on the big screen (so to speak)!

context here: hubby was sending me picture after picture..and then i called to ask if they could be larger, be smaller, be sharper...

in the end i was amazed at the amazing job under the circumstances as from my understanding the photos were in an exchange style of transition so catching the different photos was quite the challenge.

so here you go, me, well at least Aurora of the Northern Line of Faeries on the big screen.

GNWT Arts Council - ITI Seed Program
GNWT Arts Council - ITI - SEED Program

Monday, October 12, 2015

a gracious thank you

idea - action

treasury - action

showcasing - action

curator: afinian22


Dollhouse Miniature Plants - Green Fern in Shabby Pot
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Little green froggy MSD, BJD miniature doll toy/accessory
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Dragon sculpture OOAK dragon figurine fantasy creature fairy fire dragon dragon collectible figurine author's work art limited edition buy
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Cable knit headband Woman knitted headband Wool headband Winter head warmer Chunky headband Hand knit headband Headwrap Hair accessory
Vintage Turtle Miniature Hagen Renaker Retired Green Baby Coin Turtle #317 Flawed Adorable 1980's Figurine Miniature Animals off card
Green English Tea Set, Coffee Set Miniature for Decorate Doll House, Clay Tea Set with Hand Painting
Earrings of wood with hand painted Blue Jewelry Handmade Earrings Gift Idea for her Blue and white Expressive and elegant Jewelry Folklore
10 Miniature Broccoli Cabbage Clay Polymer Fimo Green Vegetables Veggies Cute Little Tiny Small Dollhouse Supply Food Jewelry Beads Pumpkin
Cactus plant crocheted miniature. Potted plant. Green crochet cactus. Saguaro cactus, mexican,
Beaded figurine Azure Dragon of the East - green seed beed statuette of orient Asian Chinese mythology creature - handmade beadwork figure
PETS - Magical Faerie Trinket Chest, Fairy, Fay, Green Grass, OOAK, Miniatures, Cat, Rabbit, Bunny, Bird, Carrot, Trees, Bird Cage, Mushroom

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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Art of Mis-managing Time


look at this, i just looked back and my last blog posting was done the day after my birthday.  now granted that really isn't such a bad thing.  the bad thing was that, that was mid September.

so, as i will be bold enough to say, that i think the trophy for the  "art of mis-managing"  should go to me (insert smiley face here).  hmmmm, Blogger doesn't seem to have a smiley face option so i will just need to add in a sad face along with the above noted smiley face.     :(    :)

and, well, what really has been happening since September?  with some of you knowing and as others will now know that the nursery is oh so gently being packed away for the big move that the nursery is actually kind of a mess.  and so, i can use this excuse on why you, and me for that fact, can't see the floor, the table, the other table, oh, and don't forget the other table that has the sewing machine and serger sitting on it, and those 4 mini shelves.  i know that i'm missing so many of the places that i could have put things on, but ummm, they seem to be piled full with other stuff so they really can't be counted in as have a spare space or two to actually put anything else on them.  but hey good news, the computer hasn't been lost.  with this news of the whole packing thing, don't think that my time that i have for working here in the nursery is anyway been put aside.  come to think of it, i think i just might be spending even more time in the nursery.  

i will admit to my  "at this time"  be my favourite, of favourites thing to do, is Instagram.  at the beginning i had only started exploring photos from the nursery, the faeries, the steps to make faeries and the such but now, well now, it sure has changed not just the look but the topics and thoughts that i put to the photos.

as, i know a blog or two ago, i had figured that i would try to update this blog with my 'once' 'thought of the day' and Instagram pictures, and as you can see that i have completely missed this whole step.  as with the Instagram program i have the option of sharing with our Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr accounts.  with each posting, i have always chosen all 4 of these venues to showcase the nursery.  now i just need them to create a direct link to this Blogger account and that would be fantabulous.  with Instagram updating all of these sites automatically, i am creating hash tags (and probably completely incorrectly) to try to have them noticeable.  of course, as you can tell, my 'thought of the day' and then my 'thought of the week' and then my 'random thought' has fallen completely by the road side, i was hoping to have my Instagram postings fill this void on our Facebook page.

i'm thinking that i need to do a few alarms and notices and, and, and the such to remind myself that i need to do a blog write up.  maybe that might help.  or, then again, you could just remind me every once in awhile.

well, before i really start my day, i will do 2 Instagram photos right now under the 'photo' tab.

i hope you enjoy your day.  oh, and with the cold weather just around the bend please, please, please don't catch the sniffles as i've heard that sneezing, sniffles and/or coughing kinda kicks up and creates a whole cloud like shape of faerie dust.  and no, it just doesn't gently fall down to the ground, no it goes everywhere.  and like i just don't mean everywhere as in everywhere, i mean in like EVERYWHERE!