Friday, October 17, 2014

The 'Thoughts'

For the week of October 13-17, 2014

Authors this week include:
Lita Burke, Awwthentic and William Butler Yeats

Topics were kind of all over the place as well!
The sizing up faeries in Ireland, finding faeries, unicorns, dull worlds and beautiful smiles. It seems as well that I doubled up on both Awwthentic and Yeats quotes...I guess that they must have had special meanings this week.

Well this week was both the final sneak peeks and then finally the introduction of our first Holiday Limited Edition Faerie - Candy Cane. Surprisingly enough, this faerie seems to love the camera? I wished that I had more photos to share but she is still busy in the photo sets? Go figure...this one has a fascination with her candy cane striped dress that she just can't stop spinning around. I sure hope that she doesn't eventually fall over!

The rest of the week, well I tried to capture the happier parts of our northern Nursery and its first snowfall (okay, I will admit that this is not the first one for this winter as we have had snow every month this year!!) but this one I doubt will go away and is now here to stay. We still have wee pansies that are weighted down with so much sticky snow that they are trying their best to still show their colours. The next photo was one from our local bird feeder which wasn't exempt from the warm weather that over night of course plummeted...this left everything with a wonderful icy look to everything (unfortunately that meant the same for our sidewalks and roads turning everything to a pretty sheen of black ice).

I am sure that I will be able to finally the grab the camera or at least the memory card, now wouldn't that be terribly sneaky of me....Candy Cane can continue swirling with the camera pointed at her but there just won't be any 'film' in it....this should give me time to upload the photos that have already been taken and I hope to work on those over the weekend.

On that note...'The Photo' and the 'The Thought' will be back on Monday :)