Wednesday, August 13, 2014

'Thought of the Day'

Over the past few weeks I have been posting a 'Thought of the Day' on the Nursery's Facebook page. With such a wonderful response by people, these sayings are now being shared on the I Believe in the Fae (a community page....ooooooh....I have never been in a community before....well perhaps I have during my life...but I never wanted to actually get to know my neighbours and even more scarier to actually be someone's friend in that neighbourhood), Faerie Ring Community (secret group...oooooooh...I belong to a secret group...that in itself is soooo exciting) and The Fairy Sanctuary (not such a secret group...but still....oooooooh....I belong to a group now...and they even let me in!!!...what were they thinking??). 

In order to make these sayings be a wee bit more pleasing to the readers eyes I have been busy learning some of the basics of my Photoshop Elements program (of course with Alyssa's help...especially when I's NOT working).

Hubby dearest has provided me with a very long list of sayings that involve either Faeries, Fae or even Dragons. I have now finished off all of these great submissions and am now working off of sites that I am confirming their spelling, correct wording and author through I have given full author credits and if unknown they are marked as so, to make sure that I am not infringing on any type of copyright laws that are in place. 

Along with these quotes as time has progressed and I have felt more comfortable in my own skin to start sharing my own thoughts and feelings, I now go on quite the ramble preceding the graphic.

I am quite proud to announce that people are not just 'liking' these quotes but that they are commenting and even sharing. To me, that makes me feel that I am doing a great a job and maybe even providing a posting that is greatly appreciated. 

As I have been kind of hounded over these many years to start writing and jotting down my thoughts and stories from my life, I think I might have just found an outlet for me to start this long journey. So to all of those (and you know who you are), I guess this is my way of saying 'thank you', thank you for the wee nudges (okay, some of them were not so wee), coaxing and well out right nagging me to do something that people think I might a knack for. Now please do keep in mind that I write exactly the way I talk. There are no adjectives, prepositions, verbs, commas, conjunctions (whatever that is...I looked it up on Wikipedia...which in itself is a MAJOR no no) to any sentence, paragraph (or lack thereof...hence see this writeup alone). I write the way the words come tumbling out of head, on the tip of my tongue, in the way my fingers type things out on the keyboard (and trust me....I have absolutely no control over this part). Oh and spelling...except for the wonderful thing called spell checker...I have no clue and really don't care how to spell a word just as long as I can get the idea put down. 

So if after all this nonsense that I just made you read...if you like to check out some of this nonsense please do visit my Facebook page and enjoy.