Monday, December 3, 2012

As Seen In??

I have had my web designer put in a few new sections on the website!   Faerie Nursery

I had this daunting feeling that no one would ever know if my website was ever active or not the way it had been set up. Unless you followed each and every faerie that I ever posted onto the site through Etsy or Flickr it would look like my website was never updated or used and that is not a good thing!

I did have my Twitter feed right on the front page but I do know some people do not use Twitter or wouldn't even know to look on the right hand side of the page for updates. Unfortunately that is where a lot of websites keep their advertisement sections...not in my was actually the only way viewers could see if I was active or not.

So...the new stuff..

We now have an ongoing NEWS section right on the front page. I will try my best to keep this updated every two weeks or so. Figured what better way to let people know what was going on in the nursery if they weren't added on Facebook or Twitter. Shawn has just been awesome with all of his suggestions and assistance. As this will be a server requirement and one that I will not be able to update on my own...he has again...said that he will update as I send him my new news.

Subject Titles....done in a clean white colour while all of my news is done is the softer grey tone to allow easier reading and not such a strain on the eyes.

I have also now added just under the Twitter feed where you can physically see my products and where I have advertised. I thought that this might help verify my commitment to my little company. I will continue to advertise in some of these magazines and have a few new exciting ideas on where to advertise next in the New Year.

I hope that you will each check out the website for updated news and also to look into each category of faeries, nurseries and suites as I am always adding new product.