Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fit to be tied and all I need now is a old oak tree!!

Ribbons, organza and tulle....

Yes, a new package came in the mail, this one from orgazabag (ebay).

To follow with the company theme colours my first order of ribbons and such has arrived.

As this particular company only carried 'Plum' and not an 'Eggplant' tone of purple it will be interesting to compare the two colours once the other one arrives. I guess that will determine who I order from again.

So this is what I ordered for the 'Old Gold' colours.

This is a beautiful glittery sheer 3/8" organza ribbon.

This tulle is 6" in width.

These little bags are 3x4" with a pretty little ribbon for a closure. I'm not sure what exactly I am going to use them for yet but they were the right colour and I got them at an awesome price. As this package only came with 30 little bags I will need another set if I am to use them for this year's parcels. Thinking I will probably order some more of this size and also the next size up.

Now this is the 'Plum' colour (the official company colour is actually 'Eggplant')

Again this is a 3/8" sheer organza ribbon that has a wonder sparkle to it.

And the 6" tulle....