Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I'm Still Here......

It seems like forever since I last wrote a blog posting. It is not like I haven't been either here in the nursery working or out of the nursery shopping while out of town. It is just that I haven't had the time to sit still long enough to write down what I have been up to.

There has been some major and some not so major changes to the company and to me personally as Faerie Amma (and the me, the alter ego of Faerie Amma).

Some of the major changes to the company includes a new direction....

I have hired a wonderful writer by the name of Michelle E. J. Knowles who has been listening to the faeries and it seems that the wee ones might not be here for much longer but I will let her tell their story.

The website has been updated by added new 'pink sparkles' to the banners on each page; the amalgamation of the faeries and princes page and the renaming of the Northern Faeries.

A new table top photo shoot box was purchased to give a more professional look to our photos. A massive thank you goes out to hubby who took the time to take the photos of the Northern Line of Faeries. I think they look fantastic on the new blue backdrop :)

The naming of our dragon mascot took place back in August but it looks like I forgot to mention it here on my blog! Her name is Roisin which is an Irish name meaning little Rose. For now she is our only dragon here at the nursery but perhaps in the future we will find more of her kind.

I am pleased to announce that the Faerie Magazine has a new partner and they are back in publication. My half page ad that ran in issue #24 looks fantastic and issue #25 will be out in December. I have applied to the Government of the Northwest Territories - Industry, Tourism and Investment Division for further funding so I can continue advertising with Kim for the 2014 subscription year. I hope to hear next week if my submission was accepted (keeping fingers crossed).

Other than that...it is business as usual....the nursery is in shambles as the faeries and locked insides as we have a light dusting of snow. As more product continues to arrive the faeries love to dive right in and well, let's just say that I have no clue at all what I have and what I don't have anymore. There are flower petals and sparkles to be found everywhere. But that is what makes working in a faerie nursery everything that when you close your eyes and you just even try to imagine what it must be like....it is ten thousand times better.

And with that thought....here they are....the Northern Line of Faeries introducing...
Midnight Sun