Monday, September 22, 2014

The Weekend

Well, what a weekend this has been!

It was time to start getting the flower nursery ready for the long winter ahead of us and this of course is a sadder time for our wee faeries. As they watch the last of the sweet peas, snap dragons, cosmos and even the smaller of the sunflowers being brought into the nursery to keep them warm over our chillier nights. Don't get me wrong as the nursery smells amazing with 5 vases filled with the sweet peas but I must admit it is sad to start having to prune and weed for the one of the final times.

But on a high note, I found my very first 5 leaf clover!! I know hey. I have been collecting a few 4 leaf clovers in our nursery but this was a very special one for sure!

I have now started the newest tab titled The Photos! This tab will now show all of the postings that I have done through Instagram as I know that some of our readers do not use this program. As I still trying to figure out how to show when changes and/or additions have been made in the tabs on this blog I think that I will just do a quick follow-up on Fridays as a reminder?? Mind you, I did just find out that if you follow our Bloglovin page that it will send you a weekly (or more if you like I think....mine is weekly....I think) e-mail to let you that I have done some kind of changes to this page!!

I will start again as of today with the 'Thought of the Day' program. Mind you it was a good thing that I had a few that were ready to post as this whole running away from the nursery for almost a month has definitely took me off of trying to figure out what a daily schedule is...well except for getting breakfast ready and sitting out on a handmade stone patio overlooking a estuary that leads to the Pacific Ocean. I am missing my wee hummingbirds that came to visit, the birds singing while swaying on the cattails, the frogs croaking on the lily pads and well the sunshine! For myself this was a wonderful routine but being Faerie Amma there is just so much to do here in the nursery that I just feel like I am barely treading water.

As with anything, I will gradually get myself into a regular sort of mind to include everyone in this crazy and definitely noisy nursery. Noisy you ask? Well you try to gather the faeries that are trying to be out in the last few warmer days of autumn. If there was any such thing as reluctance well the faeries definitely have this as the top of the list! Mind you, I feel the same way for sure. It really is hard to have had to say goodbye to the 24 hour daylight before we left on our adventure and now to come back home to our short autumn already drawing to an end.   p.s. it did snow one day here at the nursery but I was on a beach collecting seashells!!

Accomplishments already done this weekend in-between nap times...I have now updated all of the photos on the website as there had been a few sales and bit of switching faeries from one e-commerce site to another. Of course, I have started the Instagram tab and well, unfortunately I still cannot find my work table. Hummmp as she turns around and says....tomorrow. tomorrow sounds like a better idea!!

Well, off to do the 'Thought of the Day'