Wednesday, June 24, 2015

a gift never forgotten

International Faerie Day -- June 24, 2015

a gift never forgotten
an awakening of the soul
an introduction of the daydream
an remembrance of the time ago
a gift never forgotten

for flowers that play in the moonlight
for sashays with the bumblebees
for lullabies that float in the warm breeze
for whistling to the dance of the northern lights
for holding my hand in timeless tomorrows
for powdering my eyelashes with faerie dust
in loving memory

Emmanuelle and Patricia
for delicate lavender 

for pink paint
Emmanuelle and Patricia

for picturesque scenery 

Emmanuelle and Patricia

Emmanuelle and Patricia

Emmanuelle and Patricia

Dancing the two step

Fate and circumstance that hides just under your skin.

The pleasure of the daydream....

Just beyond the edge of reality.

Just beyond the circle that keeps us warm.

Just beyond the adventure that wish for.

This is the foot that keeps life bearable.

But the dance always has a two-step to it...

This one brings with it suffering.

This one brings with us to the brink.

This one is all about pain.

So now it is time to dance.

Dance. Dance. Dance.

Dance the two-step that keeps your imagination intact to deal with the struggle of life.

Dance. Dance. Dance.

Dance the tango that keeps you sane within the fantasy that you desire most.

Dance. Dance. Dance.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

are you ready?

are you ready?

has it threwed

are you ready?

has it founded

are you ready?

has it tolded

are you ready?

has it setted 

are you ready?

has it strunged

are you ready?

has it circled 

are you ready?

has it squeaked

are you ready?

has it pointed 

are you ready?

has it punched

are you ready?

has it bowed

are you ready?
no really......are you ready?

oh and don't forget...

Tuesday, June 9, 2015


okay fine....
it looks like this whole blog didn't address the 
'thought of the week' message! 
but hey it does have pretty colours...
and a brand new word that everyone should start using...


true for everyone (with fandaling) (or with grapes)

that has proof (with inkling) (or with potatoes)        

one can feel (with hasping) (or with apricots)
the deep root (with submarining) (or with carrots)

that can pounce (with leapfrogging) (or with apples)

as adventureativeness 
please note: this word does not exist in any dictionary...
but i like it anyway, so it should

and that have a spunk (with zinging) (or with lemons)

to even the littlest (with teensy-wensing) (or with blue berries)

of proven goofiness (with ding-batting)  (or with bananas)

can betwixt (with encompassing)  (or with pumpkins)

at the edge of time (with lastingness) (or with herbs)

to all wishing to be a

 'flower, fairy or even a strawberry' 

or an adventureativeness

Friday, June 5, 2015

The Twisted Dance

Isn't it strange how a twisted dance step that was scribbled on a dirty napkin has not become a choreographed dance step all the way down to the contorted expression found painted on ones face.

a dance step.....

  • ballet as a furry of arms and legs running wildly across the stage?
  • opera as a dramatic mad scene riled with insanity?
  • stage as a death scene portrayed in a Shakespearean? 
  • musical as a full body movement?
  • broadway as a team of singers, dancers and actors?
  • television as a multi-dimensional experience?
  • radio as a command of voice for your feet?
  • theatre as a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual practice?
  • ceremony as a performance found behind a mask?

or perhaps just a dream that happened to be scribbled on a dirty napkin?