The Clay Potters

Meet the Clay Potters and follow their adventures as they explore the faerie nursery and get into more mischief than you could EVER imagine!!

Pixie Bess
Fae Bella
Pixie Heather
Pixie Jinx
Mouse the Ashray Faerie 
Sapphire the Pixie
Faerie Mia
Missy May of the Moss People
Benny the Buttery Sprite
Pixie Ivy
Faerie Nettle
Pixie Sunburst
Sprite SugarPlum
Sprite Enwedhan
Pixie Tilly
Ros of the Moss People
Pixie Grace
Nipper the Clurichaun
Faerie Lucilleadelle
Domi the Ballybog
Ariadne the Devra Faery
Faerie Bosh
Chich of the Tuatha de Danaan
Servan the Traveller

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