Friday, June 24, 2016

dandelion face paint

okay, it's the big day!

the faeries are putting on an amazing celebration party

everyone is dancing away to the music
(many a few have had to sit down from being too dizzy)

chasing bumblebees and butterflies
(please note that the butterflies don't sting as much when you get too close)

yellow coloured face painting
(dandelions are the terrible powder to wipe off)

pretty ribbons twisted around the silliest of things
(except for the long curly hair that it was supposed to be twirled around)

socks strewn all about
(strange as it be but somehow they managed to still keep their shoes on)

garden chases where the snails are the ones to beat
(i sure am glad that it wasn't raining or else could you imagine what wet soggy mud would be to crawl through)

it seems that singing off key is the best way to sing
(not too sure if that would be nice to the ears though)

i'm sure that these are just a few of the happenings that i could spot just by peeking around a daisy
(before being spotted)

what a wonderful day

Happy International Faerie Day

oh, and how could i forget...
did you know that faerie dust comes in every colour of the rainbow?

i've seen it myself, yes, in every colour