Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Have you been missing too?

This has been one crazy month. Now you have to understand, this wee Faerie, well she doesn't usually get toooooo worked up over a bit of sporadic nuttiness (now, did you catch's almost into December, the month of when 'nuts' (okay fine, Nut - 1. a a fruit consisting of a hard or tough shell around an edible kernel. * the hard kernel of a nut. courtesy of my iMac Dictionary) get to be in the forefront and be honoured to be within the same candy dish with some of the more traditional types of snacky things that are put out for guests, mind you, that isn't quite true in this household (being vegetarian and everything) for those of us that this above 'nutty' commentary doesn't apply to....well, then shall we all continue on with the whole crazy month topic. (ps, has anyone but myself notice how easy it is for me to go off topic. It's like it's a natural type of phenomenal event { isn't quite a phenomenal event as it isn't just a one time type of event} that I find myself trying to explain myself to you....[okay....I'm trying to make sense of the whole thing myself and then trying to describe what I'm trying to say])....Wowzers (is that even a word...back to the iMac Dictionary....hmmmm this is what I found...hmmm there is just WAY to much for me to type here is a screen shot....{ohhhh something technical...hold onto your hats never now what I blow up this time. {yes, unfortunately there have been numerous times, well that even my son ((who is the Mac guru)) hasn't even been able to help me}, according to my iMac Dictionary, I will have to say that sadly 'Wowzers' is not a word...sigh.

Now were was I...(thank goodness I had an interruption otherwise I think I would have almost gone the record {well a record to me}...[hmmm wonder if I should go back on my blogs to find out] I have time to do that today??. Okay, so let's say it was a new record (although I highly doubt it), mind you, it just might be a new record??

Okay...I can do this...I can keep on topic...honestly I can (does anyone need the definition of the word 'honestly' as I can get it for you real quickly as I have a tendency to keep up my iMac Dictionary at all times just to get me through writing's just a thing I do...{you make it look like I speaks real good English} would my teacher's been real upset with me for that comment lol [please, all of my teachers please do not take offence to this previous comment...I just love to use bigger words, words that perhaps could be classified as my word-of-the-day], ((okay, fine...this/these words cannot be considered my word-of-the-day as thankfully, I don't punish you with blogs everyday of the week)) {{mind you, I don't know exactly if it would be a punishment for you more than it would be for me}} [[honestly here, how many new words can a person take in a day]]).

Okay...I'm trying so hard to show you what all I have managed to do so far in this blog....I have managed to use (in the same sentence!! {yes, in the same sentence} [wonder if I could classify this as a phenomenal event??])...I have been able to use all of my all of possibly the correct order (mind you, probably in the correct instances) {hey, don't be so critical there....} [I know it's who is by now laughing or could that be crying??]. I have used...
You know the references of Dictionary 'bracket' noun 1. each of a pair of marks [] used to enclose words or figures so as to separate them from the context....Thesaurus 'bracket' noun 2. put the words in brackets: Parenthesis, square bracket... (again, thank you so much iMac Dictionary/Thesaurus).

Okay. how come the sizing of these screen shots ended up to be display in different sizes? Weird, and I mean weird in this instance! Oh well, we will just have to work with it the way it is. I am sooooo impressed with me...I am. (ps....Blogger isn't too happy with me using the word 'sooooo' seems like it likes to auto-correct it to 'sooner'...too bad it 'sooner' just wouldn't fit into the conversation so I didn't upset my whole auto-corrector. that turned into hmm mph (miles per hour??).

So after the whole explanation of the 'bracket' theme, yes, this has been a very 'crazy' past few weeks. But in order to not upset the applecart (so to speak {please do not make me look up that groupiing words either}, I could you know...yuppers I could [I wonder when the word yuppers will be appointed a place into the dictionary...we all ((well, I do))).

I just LOVE craziness unless it is outside the realm of the Fae (well some of it had to do with the craft fair so, technically) {oh, and I did do some shopping for the nursery as well} really throws me for a loop.

So to month was insanely busy, I do not like the craziness of such insanely business, I love using brackets in my writing, I love doing screen shots to visibly display my definitions, and I love to shop. Oh, and how could I forget the whole 'nut' thing.

Hmmmmm, wonder what will happen between now and my next blog. I can't wait to see (well, in your find out.

p.s. Bet you didn't know that I copy and paste these whole write-ups as I go along as wouldn't it be absolutely a catastrophic event that I lose my train-of-thought and have to start all over from the beginning.