Friday, September 19, 2014

The Disappearing Tan Lines

Sigh....well with every holiday to the land of sunshine eventually the tan starts to fade away but thankfully the memories are and will be still fresh in your mind.

I had a wonderful time on the sunshine coast and was able to take some pretty fabulous photos that I posted through Instagram, well I thought that they were pretty fabulous photos!

As promised, I will start back this week with the 'Thought of the Day' postings.

And, as promised, I will go back and create a new tab for the 'Photo of the ??'. I have no clue exactly what to call this new idea.

I do notice though that unless I post something through this regular front blog page that no one really knows when I update the other tabs. I find this very frustrating and I am quite disappointed in this part of the Blogger program. I am still trying to research how to either get around this dilemma or how to let you, the reader know that I am posting. If anyone out there knows how to do this...please, please, please either comment on this post or send me an email. Any help at this stage is much appreciated.

I also apologize for the lateness of the posting as I had hoped to do it as soon as we had arrived home, okay, well after I unpacked from a three week vacation, well after I had a nap that lasted almost 24 hours, and well after I finally made it the grocery store to get some food the house!

As well, there are so many things that I need to get accomplished kind of ASAP.

  • I am trying to make sure that the website has all of the correct links to each faerie that is available for sale. 
  • I need to post all 13 members of the Northern Line of Faeries. 
  • I would really like to figure out how to zoom when I am using the Instagram program on my iPhone. 
  • I have everything, and I mean EVERYTHING that I need to start the new Line of Faeries. 
  • I need to clean up the nursery after putting every general box and bag that landed on my worktable that had anything to do with the nursery.
  • I took over 200 photos on my camera that I need to upload and figure out what I want to share.
  • I was able to purchase another wee cabinet that currently holds all of Sapphire the Pixie's Faerie Dust jars. Now I need to know what to store in the new one and then to remember to give Sapphire the key!!
  • I have a new butterfly diary that I would like to start using in the nursery...but again, what do I put in it...and no, this one doesn't have a key that I need to give to Sapphire.
  • Photos, photos, photos. I took all new shots of the Northern Line of Faeries and I will need to see if that will be perfect to put on the website or not.
  • I received a phone call from late July for one of our most favourites' visitors to the nursery and I just haven't either felt well enough or silly enough to not be ready for them to drop in.
  • Speaking of those 'faerie minded' visitors, I received through an email a beautiful photo that I need to print off in colour and hang. It is always a humbling feeling when someone thinks of you.
  • I guess I could go on and on and on...but I just realized that instead of writing all of this down here, that I guess that there were a few things that I could actually be doing to cross off of on my list...sigh...
  • Ummm...anyone care to come for a visit to help me out?
Oh, and I have asked our website guru to see if it would be possible to change out the font that I am currently using on Blogger as if I can't read it, I really don't know how you can??