Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Out in the Sunshine

It seems that the Clay Potter Faeries have decided that they have been cooped up too long indoors. Even though it is still very cold and the air is crisp, the sun was out and shining so I decided to leave the door ajar just a bit to see who wanted to venture outside.

The first one I seen fly out was Nettle, she was all excited to sit in the tree branches. And what a great spot she found too...right beside the large bird feeder. I don't think she really thought that idea through all the way as I found her having to bat away some of our more aggressive Boreal Chickadees more than once, mind you she was sitting awfully close to them. I am sure she will have tons of stories to tell the faeries during afternoon tea.

Joining her in the sunshine today were Benny, Grace, Jinx, Tilly and Ivy. I think they all had a great time. When I last checked on them though, they were all huddled in by the wood burning stove trying to warm up. I think that I will leave out a few extra cookies and make sure that the tea pot is full all the way to the brim so they can tell the other Clay Potters all about their time out in the sunshine.