Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Care Package from Home??

I have been trying to decide if I can really call this parcel a 'care package from home' as isn't the definition of from your Mom?? Well this parcel today came from my beautiful daughter and her family.

All the great goodies in there were a wonderful surprise. I received chocolates of all sorts...including a container of After 8 sticks which I might add are already in my tummy :)   A superb selection of hot chocolates including some weird tube of 'stuff' from Second Cup called 'frrrrozen hot chocolate'. Now I must admit I am a wee bit curious on this one but Brandi says I will fall in love with it. But for now, I chose to have a cup of hot chocolate flavoured french vanilla and chocolate in the mug I bought myself just the other day. It is like she knew I had a new mug.......

Also in my box were 13 of my wooden trinket chests. I was a bit surprised though that these ones are bit smaller then the ones I normally purchase through the same store?? Either I will have to learn how to pack all the miniatures in a bit better or I am thinking that these ones will work perfectly for the smaller the doors and my other chests will be used for the larger doors. Thinking business like....shouldn't that be the way it is?? I won't compromise the 'idea' of the trinket chest but I will put in a few of the smaller things instead of the larger trinkets. Yes....good thinking :)

And she also sent me up my bestest and most favourite paint brushes. Now yes, these brushes come from 'Dollarama' but they are the only ones that I love to use. Not only are they the most coolest looking paint brushes I have ever scene...but they paint really well too!!

And some of the prettiest stick-on butterflies ever!!

And finally....we come to the best part of the whole 23 bottles of paint picked out by my granddaughter Rebecca who will be 2 in September. I am going to put a big 'R' on each of the lids so that when I go to use a bottle of paint and I happen to pick one that she personally took off the shelf for me....I will smile and all of the wee little faeries in the nursery will smile along with me. Thank you Rebecca :)