Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Gift Bags will all come down to presentation. As I was lucky enough to purchase my gift bags last year, I will now need to make my own for this season. The bags will be made of felt and will have a silhouetted design of the theme on the front. I have been playing with a few designs (sample provided via Google images) and think that I am leaning towards the tote style more.

I received today in the mail my sample of craft felt from Davey Textile Solutions (formally Davey Fabrics out of Edmonton). I must admit I am a bit concerned with the weight of the fabric as I want my gift bags to be able to stand up. The colours are pretty though. I am leaning towards the royal, purple, red and gold for now.

I have now also requested samples from Recycled Eco-Felt by the Yard - Eco-fi: Felt-o-rama
Their felt fabric is known as Eco-fi (also known as Ecospun) and is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. I am interested in what the weight of this fabric will be. It also comes in 28 fun different colours.