Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Castles and Swans!

Just a quick little peek at some of the wonderful items that have been arriving daily here at the nursery.

I ordered these little castles directly from England (they seem to have the coolest miniatures). Now I know these are meant for painting but the whitewash on them is just amazing so they will be staying just so. I do know that some of my co-workers at my 'day' job want to paint all of the windows sparkly...but maybe another time lol.

Swans!! Can you believe how tiny these swans are? And yet, each one unique! I have ordered some of that railway model building water but alas it still has not arrived. I can't wait to see a Teacup Nursery with a castle, a moat and a swan swimming happily.

Flowers, I have been ordering more and more of these little paper flowers (I do believe they are called Mulberry flowers) as I am having a hard time matching my current products to the colours on the teacups. As each set is only really pennies, I figured I could afford to splurge.