Friday, January 21, 2011

Bucilla Felt Stockings

So, these are not going to be the easiest things to make and I may to decide whether I want to make all 8 of them or not. Mind it is only January!!

I would like to send a thank you out to Mary for all of her help and wonderful assistance in my first purchase.

Please see her site at:

For the ladies....The Sugar Plum Fairie

And for the gents...The Nutcracker Trio

The Nutcracker Prince

Now as some of these gifts get a very personalized touch -- well for the kid's that is :) -- it will take awhile for me to collect all of the nutcracker princes' needed to fill 20 gift bags this year.

But I do have a start on them now. I found in a local store 6 music box nutcrackers. There are 3 styles in total..see below pictures

I have decided for those packages that need to be mailed out, I will look for hanging ornament sizes to ease with the shipping costs. 

As far as the kids go......I will be purchasing nutcrackers made by Kurt S. Adler. Now as these are all collectables only I will have to purchase regular nutcrackers as well :) Please visit his site to see the outstanding work that goes into making these nutcrackers.

Matthew will be receiving a Captain James T. Kirk nutcracker....

Karl will be getting Snoopy from the Peanuts cartoon

Ryan....well he loves Winnie the Pooh

As I find more/purchase more I will post pictures

Sugar Plum Spice

After buying a box of Celestial Seasonings holiday herbal tea - Sugar Plum Spice, in December my inspiration for my 2011 Christmas theme came about.

The box file shows little faeries dancing amongst floating sugarplums in a wintery backdrop. WOW...that's all it took! The tea itself is a very fruity and touch on the sweet side....perfect for the holiday season.