Friday, December 12, 2014

Finally..well kinda finally

I will admit that it has taken me almost 2 months (bad on me) to post the remaining 4 faeries from the Northern Line.

Now granted, I could make a thousand and one excuses...but technically...I really should have done this a wee bit a go but just haven't (bad on me again).

Right now they can be viewed on the website but they are not listed or linked to one of our e-commerce pages but hey, they are up for viewing.

Oooooohhhh but before I forget (and this one isn't a bad on me)....I have taken all NEW photos of The Northern Line Faeries....perhaps that is one of the reasons it has taken me this long for them to be  displayed.

Now, the next step...well, after I have these faeries listed/ will come posting The Calendar Line.

You would think that with the craft fairs, the Christmas rush (guaranteed mailing dates) and well just most (some) of the general stuff being over for the year that I would be way more organized. But I am proud to admit...there are still 5 boxes that need to be dismantled from the craft fairs, all accounting (I haven't even found my sales book yet), posting of new faeries and the whole just keeping up with all of my sites (blog, website, e-commerce pages, Facebook etc.) I am pooped!

This is when I start to think that it is time that my wee faeries come out of hibernation and help me out...but everything that I have done so far has been unsuccessful. I have made tea (the really pretty pink coloured kind), sugar cookies (with extra icing), ringing sweet sounding jingle bells (even my ears are starting to pound), purposely leaving beads laying around the nursery (and yes, I have almost fallen on my keister once or twice), unlocking the cabinet that holds all of the wee jars of faerie dust (man, I know that I am just asking for trouble now)...and well....not too sure what there is left for me to do....any suggestions?

Well off I go to do something...not sure what this something will be...but I'm sure I will end up doing some of it anyways.