Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Air Pocket Compulsion

i don't think that i am able to walk past a sheet of bubble wrap without having to stop but the question is whether i or you for that matter, can stop at the first balloon? yes, i will admit of being guilty when it comes to NOT being able of walking away but i'm wondering then if i would feel like i didn't do my civic duty to the 'bubble'.

it all begins with the gentle pressing in of the very first one and then waiting to hear that burst of air that makes you feel like you are jumping out of your skin with anticipation. from there it just turns into a frenzy of twisting, turning and squishing about so it almost sounds like popcorn jumping around in a hot oiled pan. 

but then there comes the feeling of panic, dreadfulness and even anxiety as you find yourself at that last blister. you know the one, that one that makes your heart slow down and your fingers to freeze up just incase you can't stop in time and you end up making that last move too soon. and then it happens you hold your breath, close your eyes tightly and try to lavish this very and last final pop before it is time to walk away as there is no further reason to stay.